Collagen Type II Cleavage Sandwich Assay (IB-C2C-HUSA™)
Cat. # 60-1007

Intended use:

The C2C-HUSA ELISA kit measures cartilage degradation. This assay with specific monoclonal antibodies is primarily designed to detect a type II collagen 45-mer collagenase-generated cleavage fragment commonly found in human urine. In a sandwich assay design the capture mAb is specific for intra-chain sequence and Tracer-HRP mAb is specific for C2C C-terminal neoepitope.

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Method:                      ELISA sandwich, 96 wells strip plate

Sample type:              Human urine only

Sample volume:        30 µL per replicate

Calibration range:     156 – 5000 pg/mL

Incubation time:        2 hours

Species:                     Human. Not suitable for equine use. Utility in other species has not been established

Cross-reaction:         No cross-reaction with corresponding neoepitope peptides derived from collagen type I and collagen type III is detected